Frontend Developer

Web Designer

About Me

Hello! My name is Leonardo and I like building websites and applications to improve the life of the users. All this huge interest in web development started in 2010 when I decided to learn how to build my own CMS using HTML, CSS, jQuery, and PHP.

I've had the privilege of working on amazing companies and projects using the best modern technologies in this industry, always contributing my best for help to reach their main goals.

Besides, I have worked on several projects such as Blizzcon, Call of Duty League, Overwatch League, Wattsense, Bernier Bois Franc, Zona Cero, among others; using Drupal, WordPress, React/Next.js, and Vue/Nuxt.js.

Although I love web design and building my templates for projects, I have experience working with numerous layouts and websites built by other designers and programmers. I love responsibility, teamwork, and creativity. I think these three factors are very important to be a professional.

Creativity and commitment are really important qualities in my work, and the day-to-day training has given me excellent results in my projects and my life.


Here are a few technologies I’ve been working with in my career:


    • Coding
    • Learning
    • Music
    • Soccer
    • Painting
    • Video Games


    Most of the time I decide to redesign apps or websites to test my skills as a UI designer and at the same time as a developer in order to develop what I designed before using modern technology.